Suggested Super Easy Christmas Menu. 

Its that time of the year again. Here is wishing you a very merry Christmas and a splendid 2018 ahead. 

      So i am one of those people who doesn’t like to stress out on Christmas day. I’d rather go out to some place and chill off. You know just get served kinda’ thing (wink) but for uncertainties, i make really easy meals .

Ok let me stop talking and lets get started.


So the first thing i do in the morning when i wake up is fry some plantain and eggs for everyone.  No dieting on christmas day! We wash it down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate drink. 

  Once breakfast is out of the way, i then make the stew. I simply blend…

 10 plum tomatoes

  2 red onion

  2 atarodo pepper

  4 red bell peppers and 

  3 cloves of ginger and boil until the water is dry. 

    I then season my meat in another pot and boil.

   Tip: when i make stews i like to  layer the flavours. That is to say, you use more than one kind of meat for instance. In this stew i used chicken, turkey, beef, goat meat and tilapia fish. By so doing, you are intensifying and building the flavours. 

 That being said, once the tomatoe puree is dry, set it aside and fry your meat. Then add your chopped spring onions (this takes it to another level) into the oil and then add 250g of tomatoe paste, fry to eliminate the sour taste before adding your tomatoe puree . Fry again until done. Add the fried meat, and the chicken stock, simmer for 5 mins and thats it. It is so good. 


  Another super easy dish is the fried rice. This is the easiest meal on planet earth. I cut my vegetable wash the shrimp and set aside. Boil the meat, fry and set aside.  I also parboiled the rice. Then add the meat stock into the pot, the curry from the meat stock is enough. Gone are the days we used plenty of curry for fried rice. Infact it makes it taste dusty. Do i have a witness? Let me know in the comment section.  Add the rice, a little bit of butter ans salt if need be. In another pan fry the vegetables in a mixture of butter and soy sauce. Stir fry the mixture of veggie and rice batch by batch until done. That’s it. Simple as ABC.


  If you are Nigerian(igbo)  and you don’t know isi-ewu, oya report yourself. Like seriously?? Ok so this right here is super easy forget the big name. All you need are:

The goat head itself,  palm oil, maggi, potash, ewu also called calabash nutmeg, crafish, pepper, onion and utazi leaf.(this leaf can bitter ooo) 

Procedure: clean and cook the goat head with very little water. Once done, set aside. Add palm oil into another pot, dissolve the potash in water and sieve. Gradually stir the potash into the palm oil. Then add the ewu, crafish, and pepper ( i used grounded pepper) into the mizture. Then add the goat head into the oil mixture heat it up a little bit and serve. Ndi igbo kwe nu!! 


Finally this is another super easy snack or dessert. In a 250g of all purpose flour, add 70g of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, 1/4 spoon of cinnamon powder, and 100g of butter. Mix thoroughly. Then in another bowl, add 2 eggs with half cup of milk, and a dash of vanilla flavour. Mix and pour into the dry ingredients, mix, mix, mix. Roll, cut, fry and serve. 

    I hope you try out these recipes and let me know what you think. Also let me know what simple dishes you think i can try out. 




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