Ok, let’s talk about it!

Surely, silence can be the most eloquent reply but being silent when wrong is being done to you is what I term the silent killer.

      First let’s talk about some examples of when to use the power of silence…

  1… During arguments: This trick never fails, imagine a scenario where you are in a hot argument with someone and  then at a point you decide to just be quite, the end  result is the other person will eventually feel he or she just won the conversation and there will be peace.  After all, I haven’t seen anyone awarded a price for best arguer😁 at least not  in terms of a fight. 

   2… When people gossip: when there’s a riff between people, one person tends to talk about the other.  Now if you happen to find yourself in that situation it is only natural for you to voice your opinion about who you think was wrong or not. So to stop yourself from getting stock in gossip you have two options, you either excuse yourself or use the power of silence.

    3… When someone is talking: I never knew how  disrespectful and also offensive it was for two people to talk  at the same time. Come on… we all fall to this at some point. 😁. Let me tell you a short story.  

I had a client whom I once worked for and she loved my company so much that if another staff was assigned to her she would blunty refuse and ask them to fetch me: yes it was that serious. So one day she said to me Ngozi, do you know why I love you around? I said why? She said because you are a good listener. I was shocked because I least expected that. It probably was a coincidence. (Laughs) Now don’t get it twisted, before that day, I can tell you that if I had something to say during a conversation I would say excuse me: and say what I wanted to say but after my attention was drawn to the fact that i wass a good listener,  and the goodwill that came with it, I learnt again the power of silence. There’s nothing wrong with listening and afterwards saying whatever it is you have to say. 

   4… When meditating: silence helps us work through in our minds. The projects ahead, what you want to happen during the day and how your passed day was spent. This is the best way to wind down every single day and also start off a new day.  Silence can be used to think about the life you want and work out ways to achieve it. 

    5… When you simply don’t agree: When two individuals constantly argue, why continue on with the negativity? Be silent. Be yourself. You don’t have to talk all the time by the way.

     Haven said these, let’s look at some examples of when silence becomes the silent killer.

      1… When wrong is being done to you: like I earlier said,  silence can speak a thousand words but when wrong is continuously done to you and you remain silent now that’s dangerous. There’s simply nothing much to say about this, it is what it is. There’s no reason why someone should continuously molest you and you remain silent.  It is important for us to know how to differnciate when to be silent and when not to. Don’t let anyone get comfortable disrespecting you. 

    2… Watching crimes being done to someone: To me this is as bad as you committing the crime yourself. I remember how a neighbour saved our lives during my teenage years. Armed robbers had come to rob our house at that time. Laying faced down on the floor with my grandmother of blessed memory , I could only but pray for God to send us an Angel.  Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the gate and it was the police. Our neighbour had seen them through the see through fence and called the police. Even though it took them time to get there (eyes rolling). They were just in time. So tell me, if our neighbour had remained silent,  who knows what the outcome would have been. 

    3… When in a state of dilema: When confused and don’t know what to do over serious issues I think one solution is to speak with a trust worthy person. You never know.

      In conclusion, what we don’t say is as important as the things we say. 

      What do think? I would love to hear from your own perspective in the comment box below.

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