My first post! Yay!!!

Is silence strenght or the silent killer?

Well anyway, welcome to my new website! My name is Ngozi Chigbundu and this is where I’m going to share all my new ideas, recipes, motivational talks, family tips, beauty ideas and lots more. Tag along for all my newest posts.                     

 I am a proud mother of three wonderful kids, David , Dominion, and Faith. Married to the love of my life Austin, and now navigating through my very first post and anxious to share the future with you! 

       Back to the question of the day! Please let me know what you think., leave a comment, share the blog, recommend other post and share their stories.


  1. So true, I know how good it feels to talk to someone who actually gives you a listening ear……there are not many out there these days…


  2. Kudos girl, i personally think silence is a two way sword. It can be a strength when used appropriately and also a killer when misused.


  3. Wow. Ngom this is splendid. Silence is strenght. The Bible even admonishes us to bridle our tongues. For speaking out?, Woke Soyinka captures it all when he said ‘the man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny’. Well done dear…


  4. Wow nice one. Personally I think silence is strength.


  5. I’m so proud of you my darling for such an innovative and creative platform geared towards educating all subscribers on the basic solutions to our every day challanges and lots more. Cheers dear.


  6. nice one dear, i’m anxiously waiting for more post


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